The range of activities of Nursing and Midwifery CCs is captured by type and Center in the following downloadable documents.

PAHO Virtual Webinar

In April 2021, PAHO conducted a two-day virtual webinar “Engaging Our Partners to Achieve the SDGs Together”. Several of the PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centers submitted posters outlining their activities implementing the Sustainable Development Goals. Click here for the Poster Exhibit to learn more about the work of PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centers.

Posters from PANMCC member institutions:
University of Sao Paulo
Autonomous University of Mexico
University of Alabama at Birmingham
University of Illinois-Chicago
University of Pennsylvania

Below is a list of articles highlighting the work and activities of PANMCC member institutions.

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  • Annual Report 2021:
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  • Zielinski R, Pohl J, Germaine M (in press) Sustaining collaborative working during the Covid-19 pandemic in Haiti: Using blended approaches for a post-baccalaureate Nurse midwifery and family nurse-practitioner master’s programme WHO-ICM-UNFPA policy framework on “Sustaining Midwifery Education in a Pandemic”  presented by the following authors at the 32nd ICM Congress 2021.

  • Annual Report 2020:
  • Antonipillai, V., Abelson, J., Wahoush, O., Baumann, A., & Schwartz, L. (2020). Policy Agenda-Setting and Causal Stories: Examining How Organized Interests Redefined the Problem of Refugee Health Policy in Canada. Healthcare policy = Politiques de sante, 15(3), 116–131.
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  • Annual Report 2019:
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