WHO Nursing & Midwifery Global Community of Practice

The WHO Global Community of Practice is a network for Nurses and Midwives around the world to come together to share initiatives and experiences, and to learn from experts from the different fields that have an impact on the global health agenda.

This interactive platform will host live debates and discussions and provide opportunities for specialty groups to develop actions and activities with partners from all over the world.

Through the development of this global community of nurses and midwives, we hope to provide a forum for motivation and inspiration that will strengthen our shared commitment to Universal Health Coverage and Health for All.

Best Practices for PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centers:


Global Network of Nursing WHO Collaborating Centers

The Global Network of WHO Collaborating Centers is a community of nursing and midwifery leaders which spans six regions of the world and is proudly partnered with some of the leading global public health organizations. The GNWHOCC connects several important leaders in public health , nursing and midwifery at the local, regional, and global levels. Together, organizations, institutions and individuals work to achieve the WHO’s vision of Health for All. For more information click here.

Global Network of Midwifery WHO Collaborating Centers

Within the GNWHOCC there is a new network of Collaborating Centers focused on midwifery. This network is focused on strengthening and sharing midwifery research, establishing strong collaborations between Centers, and provide support for new and ongoing midwifery efforts with common goals. For more information click here.

Asociación Latinoamericana de Escuelas y Facultades de Enfermería (ALADEFE)

The Latin American Association of Schools and Faculties of Nursing (ALADEFE in Spanish) is an international NGO, founded in Cuba in 1986, under the auspices of the Union of Universities of Latin America and the Caribbean (UDUAL). ALADEFE is an academic community of nursing in Latin American and Caribbean countries, Spain and Portugal focused on promoting nursing. It seeks to optimize excellence in the field of teaching and research among institutions that support the training of nursing professionals of the highest scientific-technical, human and ethics, thus contributing to improve the health of all people. For more information click here.

International Nursing Networks

The International Nursing Networks (Redes Internacionales de Enfermeria – REIs) are groups arising from the initiative of nurses from different Latin American countries who have common objectives. They work, cooperate, learn and conduct research in a collaborative and interconnected way, thus enriching nursing care. They represent cooperation, synergy and linkages between people, institutions, projects and organizations who together work towards finding solutions to the priority health problems of the Americas region and contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. For more information on the Networks click here.

Regional workforce:

The Region of the Americas has around 9 million nursing professionals. Of these, 4,500,000 are licensed nurses. For more information on the impact of nursing and the work of PAHO in this area, please click here.

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